Moving FAQs

Moving FAQs

Whether you’re heading to a new home across the street or across the country, moving can be a huge undertaking, which is why you might have a lot of questions about all kinds of things such as whether you need to hire a professional Gainesville moving company, what to do to prepare for the big day, and so much more! UF Mover Guys has compiled some frequently asked questions regarding moving in Gainesville to answer some common questions that a lot of our customers and movers often have.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Moving Company?

While it’s normal to think that you could easily move all of your belongings and furniture by yourself, that takes much more time to do then you would expect. In addition, add in the fact that you have to clean the house after everything is moved out, as well as organize and unload everything once you’ve arrived at your new place. It’s easy to see why having a professional moving company in Gainesville, FL is such a huge help.

Who Should I Tell I’m Moving?

Like most people, you probably have hundreds of Facebook friends and a few more people’s numbers saved on your phone. While it might be tempting to tell everyone you’ve ever met that you’re moving, a good idea would be to just tell your family, close friends and of course your boss. You should also update your address on any online accounts such as banking, online bill paying profiles, health insurance, etc.

How Do I Change My Address & Forward My Mail?

It can be easy to remember to do the simple tasks when you move, but often people moving can forget to change their address and to forward their mail. If you haven’t done this before, have no fear because it’s a fast and easy process. The first thing you need to do is either go online to to change your address or go to your local post office and request a Movers Guide. The hardest part of this process is making the time to do this and remembering to do it.

Is There Anything I Can’t Put on The Moving Truck?

Once you’ve hired a Gainesville moving company, it’s time to think about everything that you can and cannot bring with you on the moving truck. While it might be obvious to not put any living things such as dogs or cats in a moving truck, it’s important to remember to not put flammables such as air fresheners, bleach and detergents in the truck as well. Also, don’t plan on packing perishable items like food and drinks on the moving truck.

How Close to My Moving Date Should I Hire a Mover?

Like most things that come with moving, the earlier you schedule your Gainesville moving company, the better. A good rule of thumb to gauge how early you should hire a mover is to do it as soon as you have a definite moving day.

If you aren’t able to plan efficiently due to work or other outside causes that could delay the process, a month or a few weeks in advance should be enough time to hire a mover and set up an exact date and time you’ll begin this process.

Can Your Moving Company Store Your Possessions?

Most Florida movers will allow movers the opportunity to hold onto some of their possessions while they’re in the process of moving. UF Mover Guys offers climate-controlled storage to store your belongings before, during or after your move! Contact us to learn more about storage services in Gainesville.

Do You Offer Packing & Loading /Unloading Services?

UF Mover Guys, a trusted moving company in Gainesville, offers several loading and unloading packages that you can purchase to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible.

One of the most popular services our company offers is the full-service packing. With this process we come in and use extra caution as we carefully pack and store all of your belongings. This in turn allows you to focus on the important things, like making sure all of the other moving tasks are taken care of.

Another Florida movers package that we offer at UF Mover Guys is the Do-It-Yourself method. With this package, we provide you with the boxes to move your belongings and you pack it up how you like. Later on we come and pick up your packed items and help you move to your new place. In addition to packing services, we also offer loading and unloading services onto rented trucks, containers and PODs.

How Do I Move Valuable Items Such as Jewelry?

Moving valuables such as family heirlooms and precious jewelry can often be a daunting task. On one hand, you want to keep all of the jewelry with you in order to ensure that it’s protected and kept safe at all times. On the flipside, carrying all of your jewelry isn’t such a great idea either since if you lose your bag or purse, everything is gone.

We at UF Mover Guys recommend stowing valuable items securely and transporting them with you — not on the moving truck. Use containers such as pill organizers to store necklaces and rings, along with any small broaches or other pieces. Another thing you might want to consider doing is to wrap all of your precious items individually and then store them in your jewelry box, which you can then wrap and secure as well.

Can I Pack Items in Dresser Drawers to Save Space?

You may leave clothing and non fragile items in dresser drawers. Due to items shifting while in transit, we do not recommend packing fragile and valuable items in the drawers. If you are moving non-clothing related items in dresser drawers, we recommend wrapping the items in something to keep them protected during transit.

How Can I Prepare For Moving Day?

Some great ways that you can be prepared for your moving day are to have all of your belongings organized and have a gameplan as to how you want to load the items, sell or get rid of unwanted pieces prior to moving, and to inventory your entire home.

By doing these three simple steps, you’ll be able to get rid of clutter prior to moving day, organize how you want your future home to look, and finally inventory all of your belongings to ensure that nothing goes without being accounted for.

Is it Customary to Tip my Movers?

Although the custom of tipping your Gainesville movers isn’t as pervasive as other industries, it’s not a bad idea to tip your movers if they have done a satisfactory job.

Can my Pets Ride With the Movers?

Having Fluffy and Spike ride with your movers might seem like a good idea, but unfortunately pets are not allowed to ride in moving trucks. The main reason for this is that these trucks are often filled to the brim with items, which means your pet could get hurt while the truck is moving.

How Do I Book a Move With UF Mover Guys?

At UF Mover Guys, we enjoy helping you move to your new home. While there are a great deal of other movers in Gainesville, FL, UF Mover Guys goes above and beyond by providing quality care and a heartfelt smile and precision and care as we help you empty out your old home and fill your new one.

The best way to book a move with us is to simply call or email us! We respond quickly and we are available 24/7.